Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – “What the heart has seen the eye will not forget”

We are making our way closer to the airport. Here are the students from Sir John Franklin School, Yellowknife, NWT.


Tonight’s sharing time was something I have never experience before. Every person in the room shared the impact this trip has made on their lives. There was not a dry eye. Let Mia and Meghan tell about it:


“So, tonight is our last night and it’s been a time to reflect on our whole experience. We started our day with a wonderfully bumpy ride through the Masai Mara National Reserve, seeing our last glimpses of wild elephants, wildebeests and warthogs (Pumba’s as Minami calls them). Stopping for a quick lunch break Eric treated us to some delicious Kenyan ice cream and,

 Before we knew it we were back on the road to finish the last 2 hours of the trip to Naivasha.  Driving up to another stunning hotel we all came to the realization that is was a “touristy” part of Kenya. Many of the people that stay in the area are wealthy and after having seen the complete opposite of wealth over the last 12 days it made us appreciate what we have and, what Eric has given us even more.

Our nightly meeting was an emotional one tonight. We went around the table thanking Eric for everything he’s done for us. Almost everyone was in tears as we reminded ourselves of all the amazing and hard things we’d seen through-out the trip. Mia and I (Meghan) want to say that we’ve never been so thankful to someone. Eric has done nothing but, teach us how to live a life full of love, compassion, understanding and, not to think with only our head but, with our heart. For that we are eternally great full, as for he has truly changed our lives.”


Our hotel tonight