Tuesday, May 14, 2019 – Opening of the Physio Centre at Ubumwe community centre in Rwanda

This morning we visited the Ubumwe Community Centre for the opening of the Physio building.

I am travelling with Scott Sankey, VP for Planning and Commercial for TAQA, a Abu Dhabi, UAE based energy company. At 14 years of age an accident made him a paraplegic. In the past few years Scott has been funding several major projects focused on a better life for children with disabilities in Kenya and Rwanda. This week we are visiting his projects in Kenya and Rwanda. He is speaking to the children, parents and teachers urging them not to give up and that they can achieve amazing things if they push beyond the limitations they may face. It has been a double inspiration to have Scott’s financial views and firsthand experiences with disabilities.

Thank you to Gord Bontje, Sunshine Hills School and the ABW Physio team to make this possible.

Thank you to Scott for his dedication to children with disabilities.