Tuesday May 14th: Team Green in Male


Here is my blog entry for Day 9 in Kenya for Team Green

Today was our last day at the Male Primary and Secondary Schools. The day began with 2 flights of the radio-controlled airplane by Gordon. Despite the windy conditions Gordon was able to successfully complete two flights over both schools taking orthographic photos. A third flight with the video camera was conducted after lunch. Students from both schools gathered in the field for the second and third flights. Several useful images and video for logistics, planning, measurements and garden diagnostics were acquired.

In the mid-morning Team Green lived up to its name by planting potatoes and examined garden plants and reinforced relationships with the garden staff.

All of this information will be fodder for Olds College Applied Degree students to enhance the vegetable production manual being developed by the students and Team Green for use by The Male School and its community.  With plant species, spacing, irrigation rates, field influences, soil mapping and aerial photo information, a comprehensive and site specific recommendation can be provided to assist the Male Primary and Secondary Schools to maximize productivity of the gardens.  Olds College faculty, staff and students benefit from the experience through testing methods and theories on plant management, analyzing a specific case and arriving at solutions. Much is to be learned and gained by all parties involved.

The day was capped off with a dance and singing performance by the students of the Male Primary School and a celebratory sharing of sodas with the school faculty. It was a beautiful bonding experience for all.


Ken Fry, Ph.D.

Coordinator Environmental Horticulture

School of Environment

Olds College

Olds, Alberta

Figure 1. Dance and song serenade


Figure 2. Students from above

image copy 2

Figure 3. Male Secondary School from the air showing the two garden plots.

image copy