Monday, May 27, 2013 – Wrap up in Afghanistan

Most of our day today was at the Kabul office working through some of the long range plans with Vinod and Javid.  It was really good  have him with us in Shebergahn.  We agreed on the need for implementing a procurement policy, looking at alternate building plans and also discussed the cost of implementation.

Reviewing policies and files


We were very pleased that, Mr. Yasheen, the Director Of Education for the province ( equal to the Minister of education for the province) came for a visit.  He was in Japan while we were in Sherberghan so we were happy to host him and discuss some issues and priorities with him before we left. He has been a great support to us from the beginning.  We  visited his wife at their home while he was away.  He has four girls who are well educated both in Afghanistan and other countries.  He is completely committed to education and specially to see girls in school.