Tuesday, May 27th 2014, Foundation Sion

Today we packed up and headed to a new orphanage called “Foundation Sion.” When we arrived we were introduced to the children. In Bolivia, the day is “El dia de las Madres” Mother’s Day, so the children welcomed us with hearts that they made to celebrate. Afterwards we were served a wonderful vegetarian lunch that consisted of rice, soya curls and potatoes. Some of our travellers set out on a mission to fix the showers, the toilet, and washing machines. This task consisted of  visiting the local hardware store to find supplies needed for the projects. The rest of our group had a meeting with the director Maria Jose, as well as two of the German volunteers that we met from ADRA. After a couple hours we had to say goodbye to our new friends and continued on to our new hotel in Santa Cruz. When we arrived we checked in and had a little tour around Santa Cruz. We then decided to walk to the local mall to eat supper at the food court. We needed our translators to order for us. Overall we are settling into our new place and are ready to work hard tomorrow. Hasta mañana.



The Children at Foundation Sion

Director Maria Jose, Jessica, and Luke