Tuesday, May 7, 2013 – Calgary Bike Assembly Group has arrived

A very excited but a tired group from Calgary arrived for their special Mission.  Melissa Farahat and Kelly Mac Vicar have worked hard for two years to raise funds for 200 bikes.  Working i partnership with the Kona Bike Company, they manufactures a special bike for students who live in the hill terrains near Ringa.  This experimental project will see the bikes assembled and delivered to students.  Access to education is the main purpose of making these bikes available. Melissa and Kelly travelled with ABW in 2009 and saw the need for students to have easier and better access to the school that they helped build.

Today, we are in the Lion Hill Lodge in Lake Nakuru.  All we have to report today is that they arrived safely.  They are like babies today – Eating and Sleeping.

At Breakfast – after 24 hours of travelling. They listen to a briefing from the drivers/ guides

Picnic Lunch

They are on a  game drive at the moment.