Tuesday May 7- Team Green from Olds College

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Our team has arrived in Nairobi with the intent to assist in the continued development of vegetable gardens at local rural schools. We leave our hotel with the sky brightening after an evening of rain.The extra moisture this spring has made the landscape quite lush, this comment coming from local individuals. As well, colleagues with A Better World organization have also agreed the plant material is far greener than they have seen before. This may provide some extra potential for the reason for our visit to Male today; that of garden review and continued development. The purpose of these gardens is to provide sustinence for students in attendance at each school along with the opportunity for students to learn from planning, planting and caring for each garden.

This morning, our group spent the greater part of the day at two of the local gardens close to Nanyuki, the first will be Male Primary school and the second is Male Secondary school. The team met with the headmaster and principle for each school who gave us a comprehensive review of each site and their objectives.

We walked through each site with the intention of considering the site, soil condition, crop growth and stage of maturity, and pest issues. We discussed the end use of the crop yield and other outcomes such as composting of vegetative material and potential feed for cattle and other herd animals.

We also had the pleasure of walking a third site of a more mature garden which is owned and managed by Charles of ABW. This allowed for more interaction with local specialists to discuss production practices which can be transferred to garden sites at the schools. We were well received  at each property, along with being energized through our discussions by this opportunity to do more work in the coming days and to be part of this garden movement here in Nanyuki with ABW.

Submitted by Annelise M Doolaege, Faculty