Tuesday, November 25, 2014 – How $1,100 can create work in a community: visit to income generating projects in Olokor

Today Lawrence our driver took us to his village and home. A year ago ABW invested in a small brick making machine.  It was exciting today to see the results of that small investment.  The investment was made to create employment among unemployed youth.  About 30 youth belong to the group.

I met with them today to see what they are doing.  The press cost us $1,100.


A mixture of locally available sand and cement


These interlocking bricks are in huge demand


Members of the group


A tractor was also purchased. The community paid for 50%.

It is rented out for ploughing and also used to haul corn and potatoes to market


Mrs. Wanjiku has started table banking. She manages 2,000 members and there are 200 groups with 4,000 total members around the community. She met with Beatrice 8 months ago and now it is functioning. They are also looking at passion fruit but have started with poultry and are ready for dairy. There is a milk cooling storage facility built by a corporation to collect more milk.

The lady to my right is the chairlady for Table banking and the youth leader to my left is Mwangi. He is mobilizing so many things for the youth.  Vice President Ruto visited the area and has already given them a small investment.


It was really exciting to see this progress.