Tuesday, February 10, 2015 – First dental clinic day at Segera Mission

A twelve hour day in temperatures reaching 38°C and driving on very dusty roads made for an adventure at Segera Mission.

Setting up 3 portable chairs – completely mobile dental clinic,  First stop is with Vivian who decides which child needs attention.


Amy entertains kids while waiting for the dentist.


Stephanie (dental student) assisted by her husband Scott (businessman) work together.


A view from the top.  Dr. Hill in blue assisting the student dentists as needed.


I was looking at the other projects ABW is doing in Segera. 

The River where water is collected and purified is running dry.


The garden is ready for planting after the first rain fall.


Schools built by ABW.


4 more classrooms under construction.



That’s what we did today…