Tuesday, October 11, 2016 – Group arrives, dignitary visits

It is 2 AM now in Nairobi at 18°C. The group has arrived and finally everyone has been checked into their rooms and I am finishing up this blog.

My day started with dignitary visits today. My lunch meeting was with Deputy Commandant of the National Defence College, Ambassador Peter Ogego. A long-time friend of A Better World. We got to know him when he was the High Commissioner for Kenya in Ottawa and then as Ambassador to the USA and then he helped us in Khartoum when he was appointed to negotiate the separation of North and South Sudan. It is always fascinating to hear his insights into local and global politics. Ray Loxdale and I met him for the first time in Ottawa to ask for his help to get electric power to Kendu Hospital about 15 years ago.

trip oct 2016 peter ogego

A bit later, former MP for the Kendu Bay area Mr. Raphael Tuju (left) joined us. He owns this fantastic restaurant where we had lunch. He was then the minister of energy who helped us get power installed at the hospital with the request from Peter (right). He has been appointed to head the Lake Region development.

trip oct 2016 peter raphael

My next visit was to the house of the Deputy President of Kenya for a meeting with his wife, Her Excellency Rachel Ruto. Last year, it was to see her husband. Mrs. Ruto is well-liked and appreciated for her humanitarian efforts even by those in the opposition. Her initiative to empower women and educate girls has got the attention of many nations. Our focus today was table banking, which she initiated, and technology for rural women. Hon. Joseph Limo and his wife Beatrice attended as well.

trip oct 2016 her excellency ruto

Her latest initiative is this mobile computer training centre for rural women. The classrooms with 40 computers are on a trailer that travels to rural villages.

Right of me is H.E. Rachel Ruto, right of her is Beatrice Limo, and far left of me is MP Joseph Limo.
I didn’t have a suit to wear or shoes to meet at the Deputy Presidents’ office so Joseph agreed he wouldn’t wear one either.

trip oct 2016 trailer computer

The medical training team and the volunteer team of 20 arrived. They are alive even if they may not look it. About 24 hours since leaving Alberta they are here. Our journey will begin tomorrow.

trip oct 2016 medical training

trip oct 2016 medical training