Tuesday, October 28, 2014 – Visit to Ndanai home for disabled children and learning some African moves

We began with a visit to a tea factory and then went on to Ndanai.  “Amazing progress here” was how Stu described the day. He and Jocelyn had come here during the early stages and had started the water project three years ago funded by the MacPhail family.  Today almost 5,000 people have access to clean water.


A garden is growing  – thanks to Rob Saik for getting it started last year


The team members cooked and served a special meal to the disabled children



We saw the progress of the children. Jefferson was showing us how he could write


The Gord Bontje family and the Dale Russell family have invested heavily in improving the facilities here


This is our last day in the Kericho area and the hotel threw a party. A trip here is not complete without learning some African moves.



Tomorrow we leave for the Mara