Tuesday, October 30, 2018 : Another new life at Mombo Health Centre (MHC)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 : Another new life at Mombo Health Centre (MHC)

Most of our day was spent at the Mombo Health Centre. Our main goals today were collecting stats, engaging our students with the local doctor who does general surgery, and examining the equipment and functionality of the new operating room.

An average of 170 babies are born at the MHC each month. Today a C-section was performed in the new surgical facility provided by A Better World.

Preparing the mom for surgery is Matron Victoria and Dr. Azalea Lehndorff, a surgery resident at the University of British Columbia and an A Better World board member.


Examining the new equipment provided by A Better World prior to surgery (below).

Surgery began in the new operating room provided by A Better World


…and out comes a wonderful baby boy!


My job today was to examine as many records as possible to determine future investment at the Mombo Health Clinic.


Project Manager Rama and I visited previous projects as well. The Jitengeni school is ranked #2 in performance in the district and #1 in the Ward. Only a few years ago the school was very run-down and was known in the community as the school that would not succeed. Today 838 students are attending and more are expected next year. Thanks to the dedicated teachers and the generosity of Cathy Roozen who has funded all of the projects in Tanzania that I have been writing about this week.

Sadly, during construction a year ago, the head teacher died of a heart attack. This plaque was placed there in her memory.