Wednesday, February 11, 2015 – Dental services continue/Leanne writes about her day

The dental team was out early today.  Seeing a large group of patients lined up.   Everyone has a job on this team.

A quick briefing from Dr. Hill before the patients arrive


Lenni and experienced assistant have been on a few trips


Leanne Grinde wrote this about her experience yesterday

February 10, 2015

Today was our very first day of clinic!  We drove for about an hour from Nanyuki to the Segera Mission Center.  The trip out there was definitely an authentic African experience as the roads were filled with numerous potholes and bumps, making the drive feel more like a roller coaster.  When we arrived we were greeted by Faith and Serge, two managers at the center.  We got to work immediately, finding a room that would work, then putting together and organizing all of the dental equipment. We hurried to set up, as curious dark eyes gathered at the door to watch us.  When we finally started seeing patients, there were many kinks to work out; this being our first clinic.  We only had 2 overhead lights, and 1 of them was not working.  As well the delivery units were not functioning properly due the generator being unable to give out enough power.  The suction was often weak and would stop working spontaneously.  Same with the drills.  In dentistry, there are many things that are time sensitive (eg. Local Anesthesia wearing off, setting of dental materials), so it goes without saying that these challenges slowed our productivity and efficiency.  However, we managed to see 22 patients in all today.  That is a lot considering that Mika, Stephanie, and I usually only see 2 patients per day in our school clinic.  There were a lot of extractions (unfortunately), and a couple of fillings done.  We stopped at around 1:30pm for a delicious lunch that had been prepared for us by the staff at the Segera Mission Center.   When we began again in the afternoon, we all recognized that our efficiency and skills were developing rapidly.  The patient flow was non-stop.  Stephanie (operator) and Scott (assistant) found themselves doing all extractions, as their delivery unit was not working well enough to do restorations.  Mika (operator) and Ju Hoon (assistant) did a variety of extractions and restorations, as did Leanne (operator) and Charlene (assistant).  Dr. Hill was running constantly from op to op, catering to the students and helping us with difficult situations.  Lenni and Bruce ran sterilization and ended up having a few technical difficulties.  Vivian triaged everyone (which was quite a feat), prioritizing their needs, and giving organized histories on their chief complaints.  Overall, clinic today was a great learning experience, as well as a nice break in the ice.  At the end of our clinical day, we spent some time with the kids at the orphanage there, talking, taking pictures, and playing.  Scott was quite the hit with initiating a soccer game, as was Stephanie with her long blonde hair that the kids couldn’t help but play with.   


We came back to the Sportsman Inn to a delicious supper, a debrief of the day, and a worship given to us by Bruce Bell.  We are excited to see what new challenges tomorrow brings.