Wednesday, February 14, 2018 – Continuing our medical evaluation day

We started our day at the Korogwe District Hospital with meetings with the district medical officer. Our purpose today was to determine the levels of services available and standard of care. Each department was visited and, again, a lot of listening and learning from local doctors.

Discussion on vaccinations.

Inspect equipment and availability.

Dr. Church ready for entering surgical ward and patients ready for surgery.

We enjoyed lunch at Maweni Farms and went for a walk on the compound. It is one of my favorite places for lunch and relaxation.

The next stop was at 4,700 feet at Irente Cliff Lodge for a view and group photo with our drivers Jackson and Michael.

Tomorrow, we begin our long drive back to Arusha. Some will travel to Kenya and others will go on a two-day safari. Then the Tanzania team will join the Kenya team in a few days.