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Wednesday, February 15, 2017 – Visiting Mathew, a Kenyan Haircut, and more

Today was a full day! Wil stayed at the hotel to do paperwork and research with Evalyn for some upcoming projects while the rest of us set off. Our first stop was to visit Mathew’s family. This family is very hardworking—Sabina, Mathew’s auntie, takes care of her own 5 children as well as Mathew and his 3 siblings. We installed pipeline from the river to their crops. They grow and sell tomatoes, maize, and beans depending on the season.

We visited Mathew and his sister Maria at their boarding school. Sabina came to visit them and two of her own children that attend the day school.

We then headed to the centre of Nakuru to visit Rose, Mercy, and John. Rose and Mercy are about to graduate from university with 4-year degrees in education thanks to the sponsorship of Cindy and Richard Wright and Angelique Vigaeux. John met Eric when he was in an IDP camp during the 2008 crisis—he has now graduated from university and works as an IT Specialist. He has helped ABW with many technology projects.

When Eric was living in Nakuru for 3 months during the crisis, he met many people and formed a lot of friendships. Whenever he goes to Nakuru now, he gets his hair cut at this barbershop. He decided that Pastor Ron had to experience it too.

One of our last stops for the day was to visit Janet’s second shop! Her business has grown and she is doing very well. She received a loan from our Income Generation Program and is now paying it back as she makes profit—her shops offer everything from hand-sewn clothing to beauty products to salon services! We heard so many amazing stories today and met with so many inspiring individuals. It was great to see the impact that ABW has had in these people’s lives.