Wednesday, July 16, 2014 – Two surgeons per one million people in Tanzania…

We left the Arusha Hotel to begin assessments of our potential projects in Tanzania. Our first stop was at ALMC – Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre. An incredibly well run operation by Dr. Mark Jacobson (centre) who has lived here for 30 years and is the founder of this hospital in Arusha.  It was inspiring to meet a man full of compassion and dedication. Dr. Jacobson explained that there are 2 surgeons per one million people and there and 50 million people in Tanzania.  In Canada, there are 254 surgeons for every million people.

Our focus today will be the Plaster House (Left: Patty and Right:  Sarah of Plaster House), also operated by the ALMC.


The Plaster House is a great name for the rehabilitation centre for children who are recovering from corrective surgery. We are only too familiar with this from our Kendu Bay program for disabled children and we are happy to visit and see this place. Sarah Rejman from Australia is the visionary behind this centre.  Her passion to help these children is contagious. She is doing a great job and we are very impressed with the work here.


The facilities are very nice and many sustainable things are in place.  Sarah has created this hot water system that heats up as you cook. There is also solar for lights and water heating.


The most important is the surgery and recovery of children; it is taking place very well.  However, more can be admitted if funding was in place.


This sign on our jeep tells what we can expect for the next few days.


By noon we were ready to make our way to Lushoto, a 5 hour drive. It is close to where we need to be tomorrow. We started from Arusha to Moshi with a stop for lunch and then south to Lushoto where we will spend the night. In the morning we will drive to Mlembule near Mombo (the bottom circle).


We made it by 6 PM to the Irente Mountain Cliff Lodge.  Ray and I are remembering this as being at the mountain top near the Burma-India border.  It is cold and reminds us of home too.  This is a very beautiful quiet lodge with only ourselves. A very windy road to the top of a cliff gets us to this lodge. I have seen many sunsets from beaches but not from a mountain top.