Wednesday, July 2, 2014 – It is going to happen within days

This morning we left Nakuru and headed to Kericho for the next several days.  Our first stop was at the Kedowa community to see the water project. It is going to happen within days – 5,000 people will be enjoying clean water. The local MO came through with his promise and partnership agreement with us.  One more electrical hook up today and the 200,000 litre water tank will start filling up. The solar pumping station is complete.



Water is also ready to flow for the school at Simotwet.  We are doing the rain catchment system and the local MP is running a pipeline from a well source for the community.


The Head Teacher also received a new laptop, printer, scanner and copier.

Now that the school has electricity we are putting computers in the offices.


The new school at Tulwap is taking shape.  Floors are nearing completion.


John Bariwot, Head Teacher, also received a new laptop and a multifunction printer


Our visit to the Sogobet school was very rewarding as the place is transforming. Below: the new nursery school.


Below: toilets for the kids with a sidewalk from their school. A water tank will be set next for washing.