Wednesday, July 9, 2014 – School performances measured

I left the Mara today and joined Keith in Kericho.  He has been all over visiting schools, gathering valuable information and helping administrators.

Keith was thankful today for four-wheel drive as the truck he was travelling in clawed its way up a steep stretch of solid rock, still wet from the previous night’s heavy rains, on his way to Kiprengewe Primary School.  Located on the top of a hill in a beautiful, rural farming community, this school boasts some 732 students, many of whom, all at the same time, wanted to shake the “mzungu’s” white hands.  This year the school has started teaching Form1, the first year of secondary school, equivalent to grade nine in Canada.  This was done so that many students, who otherwise would leave school after Standard (Grade) 8, would have the opportunity to continue in secondary school.  The class this year has 49 students.  And for those of you who are teachers, the largest class at this school has 81 students in it.  As Keith was saying good bye, the Head Teacher’s eyes filled with tears as he choked out a thank you to everyone who has supported ABW in the many improvements to his school.


Keith then made his way to Ringa Primary School where he was pleased to see many improvements to the school since his visit last year, not the least of which was many flower beds that had been placed along the sidewalks and buildings to beautify the facility.  Keith was also pleased to hear that Ringa placed number one, in its zone of ten schools, as far as student academic performance is concerned.  When Keith asked a group of 6 teachers from the school the reason for this high ranking, they all agreed that an important factor is the improvements ABW has made to the school plant.  Once again Keith enjoyed interacting with the staff at this school and of course with the students, all the way from “Baby Class” (the youngest KG class) to Standard 8.