Wednesday, March 1, 2017 – Hundreds of disabled children looking for answers

“It was an overwhelming day,” said Karen Leung, our Rehab Team Leader. Hundreds of disabled children had gathered at various places hoping for answers. Our team did what they could to assist.

We started the day at the Ubumwe Community Centre’s “Jessi’s Place”. Jessi from Venice Beach, California at age 80 spends 9 months here in Rwanda. She is here to discuss what we can do to help these children.

Jessi is 2nd from the right.

Zachary, UCC Director, explains the rehab program and needs.

Mona Walls, Pediatric Physiotherapist, provides advice and instructs parents on how to care. Local physiotherapist Yvonne is translating and will carry on the work.

One inspiring and hardworking team. They have spent two weeks in Kenya and now in Rwanda. Tomorrow is our last day.

Thanks very much for all that you have done.