Wednesday, March 16, 2016 – The group is about to board the plane to Canada via London

It is always a blessing when the entire group is safely delivered to the airport and are heading home.

We experienced some incredible times and life changing moments. I was inspired and spurred on to do more by these students. They themselves are thinking what more the school can do. 

One of the firsts for A Better World is to have a group of six First Nations students take part in a humanitarian mission. They were comparing their history to the Masai people who consider themselves as the First Nations people of Kenya. It was really fascinating to hear the perspectives of these students.


We didn’t want to waste another day in Kenya so we took a morning boat drive on Lake Ogoneden. Saw giraffes and lots of hippos from a safe distance.


When we depart from a hotel, the staff is invited and one of our students gives a speech thanking them for their hospitality. Meghan gave the speech today.


Our stretching exercise before our journey to Nairobi.


Connor is determined to wear his Masai shuka all the time and all the way to YK. Principal Dean is expecting him to show up like this in school on Monday. How does he wear this and a coat in 30°C weather!! You are a great sport and thoughtful.


The McInnis family: Dean (Principal) and Pam (Math teacher) with their two children Ally and Mia were here in 2013 and Lawrence was their driver.

It’s their vision and courage that has made this experience possible for a study tour for these students. A Better World is blessed by your leadership. Thanks a lot.


Bye Kenya… ready for check-in.


I will continue on to other countries and other parts of Kenya before heading back home.