Wednesday, May 15, 2019 – Goodbye to Scott and Liezl

We arrived last night from Rwanda.  This morning Scott and I debriefed on our visits to his projects to Kenya an Rwanda and how he sees assisting in the future.  We dropped both of them for their flight to Abu Dhabi.  It was a very enjoyable time traveling with them.

Lawrence with Scott and Liezl

We had water and Solar related meeting with Charles Rioba our project partner.

I visited Lawrence at his home and began our trip towards Kericho to join the students. We only got as far as Nakuru. Rain and darkness deemed it was best to stay overnight in Nakuru. Lawrence with his family.

Lawrence has a full room dedicated for the ABW supplies for the dental , medical and Rehab teams.

Nicoletta, Lawrence’s’ daughter  insists that she comes to Canada with me to see Candi and get toys.