Wednesday, May 22, 2013- In Sheberghan, Northern Afghanistan, visiting schools

We have now arrived in the town where most  of our schools and water projects are located

Our first visit was with the Educations officers in the Ministry of Education


Azalea is becoming known among the students and staff at the schools that has been built by her efforts and Thanks to all of our donors.

A group of students  gathered to welcome us.


A new library was opened at Arab Kana school that was built two years ago.


We also met with our building contractor (right) Javid from the ADRA Afghanistan office is here with us from Kabul to help us work through some procedures. He is excellent and has a lot of experience with building schools for ADRA Afghanistan.


We also visited Tunika school that was opened last year for a follow up visit


We are staying with Karim our local project manager and ADRA Sheberghan’ s office manager

There are ten of us in the house today with two guards sleeping outside. His wife Farzeen  is an excellent cook so we are enjoying good food.

Here is our mode of transportation.  As many as 7 of us in a small Toyota station wagon. Farzeen is on right and her sister on  left in the back.  Karim is closing the trunk!