Wednesday, May 28th 2014, AMe Bolivia

We spent today in Santa Cruz painting AMe’s shelter #2. This shelter is for individuals with mental disabilities. The patients here were very loving and welcoming; we had so much fun hanging out with them while we painted. A wonderful lunch was prepared for us by Andreas, the full-time volunteer at this shelter. Before the day was over we had the opportunity to talk to Andreas and hear his testimony. After giving up essentially all of his worldly possessions, he has decided to devote his life to serving God by supporting and running this shelter under Gheorghe’s direction. It was truly an inspirational story. The gentlemen of our group finished the day at AMe helping one of the volunteers get his main form of transportation – a motorcycle – working again. Rob was also able to meet with the local volunteer fire department in Santa Cruz to discuss the needs for training and equipment from Canada. We finally came back to the hotel for supper, debriefing, and a good night’s sleep.

Ambulance Bolivia 2014    1970 Pumper Truck Bolivia 2014

             Fundaso Ambulance                                                                     1970 Pumper Truck

Fundaso Fire Station Bolivia 2014

Fundaso Volunteer Fire Station