Wednesday, May 3rd 2023: Dental Team Arrived in Kenya

The dental team has arrived in Kenya safe and mostly sound, having had a smooth journey other than one hiccup at the Nairobi airport. Robert was pulled aside by the customs officials, and it took about an hour for him to get clearance to bring in (without tax) the dental delivery unit that was in his baggage. No matter how much we try to prepare with all the proper paperwork it’s always a bit unnerving to get through customs. So, it was a short night for all as in the morning we started our five-hour journey north of Nairobi to Nanyuki which will be our base for two nights.

The team is well qualified and most excited to get started on our mission to do what we can to help in this community. Composed of ten individuals, there are two support staff (Brenda and Gerry), three dental assistants (Ann, Haley, and Jill), one dental hygienist (Carina) and four dentists (Cliff, Janice, Kelvin, and Robert). We are looking forward to a fun yet meaningful time together over the next two weeks.