Wednesday, May 8, 2013 – First set of bikes – hot off the assembly line in Kericho. A unique project for A Better World

What a day it has been.  The enthusiastic Bike Assembly team departed Lake Nakuru with a stop  at EAMO.  Melissa and Kelly, the organizers of this trip had been to EAMO in 2009. They wanted to spend a little time there before heading to Kericho.

At EAMO – story time




At 4 PM we arrived in Kericho and the Bike Assembly team got started.  The Goal: 200 Bikes to be assembled and distributed by Sunday.  The team has said that they are going to work all night.

Melissa and Kelly travelled with A Better World in 2009 to open a school that they helped fundraise when they were in high school at HJ Cody School in Sylvan Lake. On that trip, they observed that access to education meant more than just building classrooms.  Students also needed easier access.  They found that students to the Kiprengwe Primary School were walking as far as 6 KM to attend school.  Teachers were also walking that distance.  They were determined to do what they could to ease the situation.  Working with the Kona Bike Company, a specially designed bike was manufactured in the Kona’s factory in Vietnam and shipped to Kenya.  Tonight the assembly team is hard at work.

Team Head, Don


Access to Education visionaries: Melissa and Kelly



Testing the first assembled Kona Bike


The team also repacked several suitcases for the schools