Wednesday, May 8, 2013 – Improving the source of nutrition

Another day of grinning ear to ear for our team today in the great country of Kenya, at the primary school in Male. I had the opportunity to utilize both my nursing and teaching skills with the standard six, seven and eight classes. A total of about 40 children listening to the crazy Canadian nurse from Olds College. Nutrition and oral hygiene were the topics of dialogue and I ended the lesson with a discussion on sexually transmitted diseases focusing on HIV and AIDS education. The children were gleefully excited to join in on discussion and were willing to share and ask questions with young inquiring minds. Primary  health care initiatives at its best…..a sharing of knowledge on positive health behaviours with the kids while watching my four colleagues work hard in the gardens soil sampling and analyzing specimens to help improve the quality and quantity of the schools future source of nutrition.

From Fritz 🙂