Wednesday, November 13, 2013 – Visiting Simotwet and Tulwap schools

We left Nakuru and arrived at the Simotwet School.  As always the schools was clean and garden planted.

Wayne Neufeld inspecting water drainage problems


Jim Ryan impressed by  Mik Wile’s leadership to build this school


Our main meeting today centered around how the community can participate in the water program.

There were many different opinions on how this could be achieved


We were off to Tulwap where six classrooms are being built.  There has been so much rain that construction has been so slow.  The community is in full force to get things done. The old school has been demolished and footings are in.  Brian Leavitt was inspecting with the local project manager David.


John Bariwot, the head teacher was addressing the group with the school board members


We experience the rain problems when we had to take off so we wouldn’t be stuck.  Our van had to be pulled out so walking was the option. Warren made a mistake purchasing these boots so he is the one pushing the van.