Wednesday, November 19, 2014 – Medical team leaves Kenya after a successful mission

Thirty-one of the thirty-seven member medical team has now left Kenya after a successful mission.  The other six are continuing to work in the Mara area holding clinics and training local health workers.

The Physicians

Dr. Jim McIntyre (Red Deer, AB) , Dr. Church (Red Deer, AB), Dr. Wade (Vulcan, AB), Clinical officer Juma (Kenya),

Dr. Paulette Comeau (Red Deer, AB) , Dr. Charlotte Foulston (Medicine Hat, AB) Dr. Karen Hansberger (Riverside, California, USA)


Supported by Pharmacists, nurses, lab assistants, and other essential service providers


A family mission

Pharmacists Oksana McIntyre and Inessa McIntyre, and Dr. Jim McIntyre. Having two pharmacists allowed us to run two clinics each day. Mother and daughter worked long hours in the clinic and then sorting meds for the next day with helpers.


Family doctor Paulette


Pediatrician Charlotte


My honorary doctoral degree comes in handy as I am taught by Kelly Kovacs to record temperatures


Richard Wright – can he really get mad! Controlling the crowd is a job no one wants

Gord Bontje had it in Lamu a few years ago


Minutes later – a calm Richard Wright with Val Audette


In the past four weeks I have been with 58 people on two trips. An inspiring and dedicated group of people committed to making this world a better place. They fuel my passion.

Now happy to go home


No more suitcases to load!


I have taken two quotes from a book of testimonies that was written by the participants and presented to me

“….there are no words to describe the experience I had on this mission….”

Amy Schumacker, OT, Red Deer, AB

…”this trip has exceeded my expectations many fold…”

Oksana McIntyre, Pharmacists. Red Deer, AB

“…If we all do our part the world will get better and now I have seen it first-hand…”

Chris Meyers, Ag Canada, Lacombe, AB