Wednesday, November 6, 2013 – Visiting Birwa Island

We started the day by visiting Birwa Island.  Several previous ABW travellers have visited here and urged us to go. ABW has done some projects here.

The trip started out with some excitement.  Once in the boat we had to be pushed and the boat hit some rocks. The side was damaged and water started coming in.  The boat has to be fixed and we took off.  Some members feared that  we would not be coming back so they remained on shore.


People live on top of a mountain so the steep climb began


View from the top shows the narrow passage where we boarded


At the village we visited various project opportunities.  47 families call this mountain their home


There are 200 school aged children here


We were back on our boat and safely arrived


We are now in Kigali.  This is our last night in Rwanda.  Tomorrow we have a few things to do in Kigali and go to the airport.