Wednesday, October 26, 2022 – Visiting the Ubumwe Community Centre (UCC)

We spent most of the day at UCC a centre for children and adults with multiple disabilities. ABW has been supporting UCC for over 12 years in the area of surgery, rehab, and vocational programs.


UCC provides vocational and music therapy


UCC also operates a school and 168 children who are in rehab also attend this inclusive school. There are 70 children in the school.


UCC also operates two community-based rehabilitation programs (CBR) Our purpose today was to review the existing program and discuss plans and goals for the future. It was great to have ABW board members Mona Walls and Scott Sankey. Mona is a pediatric physiotherapist and her insights are very valuable.


Today is Warren Schnoor’s 60th Birthday.  I have arranged surprise birthday party for him on the shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda  complete with a fire on the beach.  His 50th birthday was in Kenya.