Week 5 – Kirianne and Celena in Kenya July 29 – Aug 4 2018

July 29th: We set out for a walk in the morning, going in the opposite direction from Kendu Bay. We were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled upon a river (which we later confirmed to be called the Awach River) and we stopped for a few pictures before heading back towards the hospital. In the afternoon we attended a little birthday party. It was for Debbie, whom we have worked with at Ruby Kraft School. It was a nice change of pace and a good way to meet a few new people.

Kirianne and Celena in Kenya photo 1

Photo: Kiri on the banks of the Awach River.

July 30th: This morning, we spent time at the finance office, doing some small filing tasks. We were also hoping to do some work at Ruby Kraft School, but alas, the principal was kept away all morning, so we weren’t able to work on our regular project there. Our afternoon was spent at our final physiotherapy session at Nyaburi School, where we did some stretching and exercises with the children as well as just playing with them. We had a final farewell with a big group photo! We are very happy with the time we spent there and have learned a lot!

Kirianne and Celena in Kenya photo 2

Photo: The Nyaburi boarding students with Michael and Daril.

July 31st: This morning was our last day at Nyaburi School proper, and it was mostly free time for the children and the last wrap-up administrative things for the teachers. We played some games with the children – quite challenging, we aren’t sure if we’ve lost our abilities to jump rope with our eyes closed, or if we never had that talent like the young schoolgirls! We also spent time just enjoying the company of teachers and students who have been very welcoming in our time here. The afternoon consisted of some more work in the Ruby Kraft School storage room – it’s also the last day of school there – as well as a short time working in the finance office of the hospital doing our regular filing. A day seeming like the end of something, even though we have a week left at the Kendu Adventist Hospital still.


Kirianne and Celena in Kenya photo 3

Photo: Our cooking area – the washing machine’s main purpose is as a cutting board.

August 1st: We spent part of the morning doing reconciliations of financial records before moving to the main hospital stores to assist with the ‘stocktaking’ (inventorying of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals). In the early afternoon, we again worked on some record reconciliation. However the day was cut short for the entire business office because of a farewell celebration for two of the employees who are moving on to new positions. This celebration took place at our guesthouse, and we were kindly included with the official titles of photographer and deputy photographer. Cake for all!

Kirianne and Celena in Kenya photo 4

Photo: The hospital business office members; some have become good friends to us.

August 2nd: Today, we spent most of our time in the business department of the hospital. We did various smaller tasks, which included filing, continuing with the financial reconciliation, and updating some notice boards. We also prepared and placed donation boxes for clothing collection that will be taken to Turkana Province – one of the poorest areas in Kenya – in a couple of weeks.

Kirianne and Celena in Kenya photo 5

Photo: Celena with an adorable baby who visited the office today; excitement for the coming time we’ll spend at the orphanage!

August 3rd: Today, as will likely be the case for our last week at Kendu Adventist Hospital, we spent our working time within the business office. We continued with various financial items; we’re learning quite the variety of useful skills relating to finances in business. On Fridays, the hospital mostly closes down after lunch time, so our afternoon was spent relaxing out of the hot African sun. We did have occasion over lunch to meet a man representing a university in California, which partners with many African hospitals.

Kirianne and Celena in Kenya photo 6

Photo: A true African sunset, right from our bedroom window!

August 4th: Today was our final day attending the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the hospital compound. Whether or not it was intended, it was a service completely conducted my women, which was particularly uplifting, as there seems to be an undertone of young female empowerment about our trip, we have realized. The rest of our day was spent around that guesthouse, and out in the rain (there was a small mid-afternoon thunderstorm that had quite a cooling effect!). We have happily mastered the art of making chapati, and are excited to share this wonderful part of Kenyan cooking when we are back in Canada!

Kirianne and Celena in Kenya photo 7

Photo: Good friends: Celena and Kiri couldn’t do this trip without one another! Background is the brickwork used mainly around the hospital grounds.