Our History, Our Future

Where we started…

A Better World started in 1990 when two friends had an idea—to change the world. With high ambition, a desire to start somewhere, and $5,000, they started their first project.

A Better World was established at the College Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church, situated on the grounds of Burman University in Lacombe, Alberta. Rooted in the values and humanitarian efforts of the church and university, it particularly focuses on providing mission opportunities for the university’s youth. The organization receives support from donors, board members, and volunteers from diverse backgrounds. Achieving charity status from the Canada Revenue Authority in 2016, A Better World now operates as an independent charitable entity. Its projects are executed without bias based on religion, politics, or race, welcoming everyone to contribute towards addressing local and global poverty.

Today, A Better World has raised over $35 million to support sustainable development in over 15 countries. We work with community leaders in the recipient countries for typically 5 to 10 years. Our goal is to ensure that the community has the necessities to sustain education, healthcare, and clean water. We partner with governments, local agencies, and the people living in the community to manage and operate the projects, ensuring they become permanently independent.

Where are we going?

Our goal is to inspire people within our reach to change the world, and to inspire local people to push for change and take ownership of their communities and futures. When people cannot see hope, they cannot look forward to a better future. We aim to open the door to opportunity through education, good health, and jobs. We want young people to lead humanitarian initiatives—we want our own leadership team to include young people. Our vision for the future is bright. People working together, engaging in their passion to serve, and making a difference in lives around the globe.
ABW was co-founded through College Heights Church in Lacombe, AB
Our first project ever: 15 surgeries for 15 children to walk in Kendu Bay
First ABW volunteer trip to Kenya
First single major donation of $10,000 (this same donor has now invested over $1.1 million in our work)
First entry into Afghanistan to support education
Community development model changes how we work
Launch of EDGE youth division
ABW receives individual charity status
100 Classrooms Project in Afghanistan complete