To inspire people to reduce poverty through community development


To empower communities to break the cycle of poverty through Education, Health, and Water

The Story of A Better World

In 1990, two friends, Eric and Brian, wanted to invest $5,000 in a development project. They and a handful of others decided to pay for reconstructive surgery for 15 children in Kenya, enabling those children to walk for the first time. And so, A Better World was born.

The project was so successful that they began to receive donations to continue their humanitarian work. Nine years later, they traveled to Kenya to see their project site.

Today, A Better World has projects in over 15 countries and has invested $35.7 million in quality education, essential healthcare, and clean water. Over one million lives have been changed for the better.

Throughout the years, people like you have joined us on our journey to make the world a better place. Over 2,800 volunteers have traveled to project sites and countless more have supported ABW through fundraising. Check out the blog to hear from past volunteers and follow us on social media to keep up with the amazing stories your investment creates.

Thanks for everything you do!

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