The pandemic has challenged us to be creative in how The Fireside Dialogues will successfully function. The plan is for all those who have registered to be present online via a Zoom link. The presentation will take place with the speaker presenting to the Zoom audience and to a small group of in-person panellists (all safely distant). After the speaker’s presentation, the panellists will discuss the ideas and issues raised—they will all be seen and heard by the Zoom attendees. Although the Zoom audience will be muted, viewers will have the opportunity to post comments and ask questions in the Chat function. You may direct your comment or question either to the speaker or to one or more of the panellists. Each session will have a moderator who will guide the discussion and select comments and questions submitted from the audience. If, for whatever reason, your question or comment is not shared during the live session, either the presenter or one of the panellists will respond via email.  We trust that this way all will be able to enjoy a focused presentation and discussion yet also have a way to participate. All presentations will be recorded and made available for (only the private use, please) of those who have registered. Thank you! We look forward to your engagement and for making The Fireside Dialogues possible.