Fundraise your own way!

As a unique individual with unique talents and interests, we don’t want to stifle your
creativity. You can fundraise for A Better World in your own way

How To Start a Campaign


Decide how you want to fundraise. Do you want to run a marathon? Do you have a knack for baking? Does your school organize events? Check out this list of 101 fun fundraising ideas from CauseVox for some inspiration! Ask A Better World about projects that need your support.


Share your awesome campaign with everyone you know—even people you don’t know! You can create your online campaign page right here with us, and then share the link on social media, through email, or even with flyers. Share why you’re passionate about this project—and watch the donations come into support.


Watch as your initiative makes a difference in other people’s lives. When you donate to ABW, you can watch the progress. Whether the money goes towards a new classroom, surgery for a disabled child, or a new water well, you can watch the progress and hear the updates—we keep you posted with what your money is doing.

See what other people are doing to help

Sunshine Hills Elementary School – Delta, BC

Sunshine Hills has been working with A Better World for the past seven years. During this time, students have raised over $200,000. Each year, the students, teachers, and administrators come up with unique and exciting fundraisers to support a variety of projects.

Becca Epp

Becca Epp has a passion for service. She is an example of doing what she can. As a violinist, Becca plays to raise funds. She started fundraising when she was in grade 4 and continues now in university.

Rosedale Valley Strings – Lacombe, AB

Rosedale Valley Strings started in 2003 with the theme of “Music with a Mission.” Each concert is dedicated to A Better World. The group has raised more than $128,000 so far, and continue to find creative ways to support projects even during the COVID-19 pandemic.