In Progress : Baba Ali School – 5 CLASSROOMS

About the Project

Although the 100 Classrooms Project reached its goal last Spring, A Better World is still dedicated to providing education and quality learning facilities to communities in Afghanistan. Education is a vital tool in Afghanistan for combating poverty and violence – every child who completes their schooling is positioned to make a positive difference in the society.
Starting in 2020, we want to launch our “Ground Up” campaign. We will select schools that are meeting out in the open or are in tents, like the Baba Ali School that Azalea and Eric visited in May 2019.

We were invited here by the Head of the Provincial Shura or Council. The teacher pictured with Azalea, who is now the principal, taught the Councilor Mr. Hayat, when he was a child in this Baba Ali village. This Councilor believes that all children should have the chance to learn.

The 270 girls and 280 boys are learning in tents, the open air, and in a nearby mosque. Girls and boys are learning together here. Currently students can attend to grade six only due to the lack of classrooms.

Another NGO provided a well and a toilet facility. • There is land allocated by the community for a new school to be built. • We hope to build 10 classrooms here to improve educational opportunity for these children, from the ground up.


Click ►HERE to see a video of the Baba Ali School


Thank you to the generosity of A Better World donors.
Hallway of the classrooms
5 Classrooms nearly completed
5 Classrooms nearly completed

Walls have gone up

Walls have gone up

Work on the walls have started
Work on the walls have started
Work on the walls have started
Foundation work has begun
Foundation work has begun

Quick Facts

Cost: $50,000
Raised to date: $50,000
Location:  Sheberghan, Afghanistan
Start Date: January 2021
Project Manager: Dr. Azalea Lehndorff

Major Donors

Gail Misek
Dr Mandy and Daryl Hyde
Anonymous Ontario Donor

Partner Donors

Dustin and Vanessa Dudar
Donald and Phyllis Corkum
Myles and Aarin Gillespie
Anthea Rippin