Needs Funding : Dental Program

About the Program

Dental services in remote regions of developing countries are frequently insufficient or even non-existent. Fully qualified dentists are rare, and little is available to provide even urgent dental care, much less regular preventive maintenance.

A Better World continues to offer periodic service to some of the most underserved areas of Kenya by organizing trips for Canadian dental teams and running mobile clinics. However, our focus continues to shift toward working with existing medical facilities and health authorities to establish dental clinics that can provide more frequent services to underserved communities.


The Dental team is led by Dr. Kelvin Hill of Sylvan Lake Dental Centre (left)
A Kenyan dentist working with A Better World team members
A dental clinic set up in a school
Children who benefited from A Better World’s dental program

Quick Facts

Cost: $15,000
Project Manager: Dr. Kelvin Hill

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