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Dominica was devastated by Hurricane Maria. Rebuilding has started.

Learning with information technology is part of the Commonwealth of Dominica’s long-term vision. As in all classrooms, teachers and students know the importance of connecting people and connecting with information in this modern age. Hurricane Maria has devastated education in the country. Students in the Commonwealth of Dominica deserve today’s education – today!

September 19th, 2017, the scourge of Hurricane Maria made landfall on the Commonwealth of Dominica. The effect was devastating. Maria demonstrated the power of the tenth-most intense Atlantic hurricane on record. Now that school buildings are largely rebuilt, the next focus is learning resources. IT for Dominica has worked for 20 years contributing information technologies (IT) and working with the Ministry of Education to build IT capacity and expertise in schools. Now the partnership of A Better World and IT for Dominica are working to ship over 1200 learning devices to Dominica, along with installation, technical training and professional development.

A Better World Canada has partnered with IT for Dominica to leverage the experience and expertise of IT for Dominica as a means to come to the aide of education in this country. IT for Dominica has a history of nearly 20 years in working with the Ministry of Education in the Commonwealth of Dominica: delivering learning technologies, providing installation, offering technical training and providing teachers professional development. Leveraging IT for Dominica’s relationships and expertise best serves the students of Dominica and provides A Better World a doorway to serving learners in Dominica.

ITFD hold a long-term history of nearly 20 years working with the Dominican Ministry of Education, with educators in Dominica and in Canada, and with technical staff in both countries. ITFD have involved nearly 1000 Dominican teachers in our professional development programs with excellent evaluations by participants and teachers.

Why are learning technologies important to students in Dominica? Dominican learners and teachers are  unlike Canadian classrooms as shown in the following video.  Classrooms of the 21st Century have changed:



Before the Hurricane Maria

During the Hurricane Maria

After the Hurricane Maria

Quick Facts

Cost: $125,000

Raised to Date:  $16,000

Expected Start Date:  November, 2019

Project Manager:  Dr. Maurice Hollingsworth

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