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Dominica was devastated by Hurricane Maria. Rebuilding has started.

​Learning with information technology is part of the Commonwealth of Dominica’s long-term vision. As in all classrooms, teachers and students know the importance of connecting people and connecting with information in this modern age. Hurricane Maria has devastated education in the country. Students in the Commonwealth of Dominica deserve today’s education – today!

September 19th, 2017, the scourge of Hurricane Maria made landfall on the Commonwealth of Dominica. The effect was devastating. With winds in excess of 280 km/h, Maria demonstrated the power of the tenth-most intense Atlantic hurricane on record. The impact on the island, the people, and the education system is significant. Ninety percent of all housing is moderately damaged to fully destroyed and school infrastructure has suffered parallel damage.

Hurricane Maria has stymied opportunities for Dominican students to learn using educational tools commonly found in North American classrooms. Their education is at risk. Through your support we will offer Dominican students a contemporary, meaningful education served by knowledgeable teachers with effective learning tools at hand. ​

The IT for Dominica Foundation is a volunteer organization who, for over seventeen years, has partnered with public entities in Canada and the Commonwealth of Dominica in the interest of providing contemporary education to students and teachers in Dominica. Over this time IT for Dominica has provided professional development, technology resources, technicians, and professional and technical expertise.

  • ITFD hold a long-term history of nearly 20 years working with the Dominican Ministry of Education, with educators in Dominica and in Canada, and with technical staff in both countries. ITFD have involved nearly 1000 Dominican teachers in our professional development programs with excellent evaluations by participants and teachers.


  • ITFD have experience in shipping educational resources to Dominica – in the early 2000’s the IT for Dominica Project was the #1 supplier of technologies to Dominican schools. ITFD have a proven track record in delivering supplies and technical expertise to students and teachers in sometimes challenging logistical situations. ​


  • ITFD believe in the power of partnerships serving education. This includes public and private partners – both in Canada and in Dominica.


  • ITFD address targeted needs, meeting educational needs in Dominica by working closely with the Ministry of Education in the Commonwealth of Dominica.


  • ITFD are results oriented. ITFD set goals and fulfill those goals by working with partners, volunteers and donors. ITFD share the results of each phase with all contributors.


  • ITFD value the expertise of our professional development and technical teams, involving some of the most talented IT integrators in Canada and Dominica, sharing experiences and expertise.

As a volunteer organization ITFD minimize expenses; ITFD have a zero administrative overhead approach. ITFD offer transparency. ​

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