In Progress : JOGOO PRIMARY SCHOOL – 5 Classroom Block Renovation

About the Project

Almost all of the current classrooms at the school need renovation of the roof and flooring. Toilets are also a high priority for the school and will be next on the list of recommendations to accompany the renovated classrooms.


 Old Iron sheets have been removed

 Old Iron sheets have been removed

Current classrooms

Current classrooms

Quick Facts

Cost: $58,500
Location: Nakuru, Kenya
Start Date: August 2021
Project Manager:  Warren Schnoor

Major Donors

Dale and Majella Russell

Kevin and Julie Boonstra

Dianne and Gerry Schimpf

Michaela Johnson

Terry Townsend VanSchaik

Pat and Bev Romerman

Randy and Debra Chenowith

Clifford Holm

Neil Tomalty

Bernard Sittlinger