About the School

Loigero Primary School is a recently developed school serving the Maasai population around the community of Talek, near an entry gate to the Maasai Mara National Reserve. A Better World first met the school’s founder Jacob Nkumum teaching a small group of children in the shade of an acacia tree in 1999. Loigero Primary has since become a large, permanent school, registered with the government, with six government-paid teachers and seven more hired by parents. Being near a business community and a fairly well-used road, Loigero has attracted the interest of other agencies that have also contributed to its development. Currently, there are 331 boys and 267 girls being educated by 8 male and 6 female teachers.


Students of Loigero Primary School

Dale and Majella Russell, Peter and Kathy Lacey

The outer entryway at Loigero Primary School.

Staff, students, and community members gather with a new school laptop and printer.

As of October 2017