Completed : MPIRANI PRIMARY SCHOOL – 4 Classrooms

About the Project

Mpirani school accommodates students from three villages, Kwasunga, Mpirani, and Majengo.  Currently there are 7 classrooms for 896 students (471 boys and 425 girls), resulting in extremely overcrowded classrooms of 128 students per classroom. The kindergarten class does not have a classroom and so they gather outside, under a tree to learn. 


The 4 Classrooms are complete and ready for the students to begin their lessons.

The inside of the completed classrooms look clean and bright.

Classrooms in the finishing stage

Classrooms are nearly completed.

 Classrooms are nearly completed.

Walls are going up

The community is contributing their time and Labour to prep the foundation.

1 of the 7 classrooms at Mpirani school

The kindergarten class meets under a tree

Quick Facts

Cost: $52,000
Location:  Korogwe Rural District, Tanzania
Start Date: April 2022
Project Manager:  Rama Kaoneka

Major Donors

Cathy Roozen

Partner Donors