In Progress : MPIRANI PRIMARY SCHOOL – 4 Classrooms

About the Project

Mpirani school accommodates students from three villages, Kwasunga, Mpirani, and Majengo.  Currently there are 7 classrooms for 896 students (471 boys and 425 girls), resulting in extremely overcrowded classrooms of 128 students per classroom. The kindergarten class does not have a classroom and so they gather outside, under a tree to learn. 


 Classrooms are nearly completed.

 Classrooms are nearly completed.

Walls are going up

The community is contributing their time and Labour to prep the foundation.

1 of the 7 classrooms at Mpirani school

The kindergarten class meets under a tree

Quick Facts

Cost: $52,000
Location:  Korogwe Rural District, Tanzania
Start Date: April 2022
Project Manager:  Rama Kaoneka

Major Donors

Cathy Roozen

Partner Donors