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A Better World supports 50 children at the Kacyiru II School. These children are living in extreme poverty in Urukundu: a slum in Kigali, Rwanda. Their families are generally potters, belonging to the Twa people. Twa are the pygmy people of Central Africa. They are an often marginalized group in Rwanda that has been severely economically disadvantaged and have lost their traditional lands. They maintain a culture centered around songs, music, and dance.

Many Twa are potters selling their wares with a subsistence income of $1/day while many others work as itinerant laborers when work is available. Kacyiru Primary School is located adjacent to the slum where the potters live in Kigali. It is a large school of 3000 students that is attended by very poor children in the area. Poverty prevents many of the children from attending school. With support from A Better World donors like you, these children are able to receive an education that will give them an opportunity to have a better life.  Support pays for school fees, uniforms, shoes, socks, books, school supplies, and a daily nutritious meal.

Every year, project manager Debra Brosseuk travels to Kacyiru. She visits her students at the Primary School, interacts with the teachers and parents/caregivers, and visits the homes of the children. She ensures the children’s needs are addressed both at school and home, having taken many to medical facilities to receive care.



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