Needs Funding : School Sweater Project

About the Project

School sweaters not only keep students warm at school on chilly days, but many students sleep in their sweaters to keep them warm at night as well. Though a school sweater might seem like just a uniform, it can have quite a big effect! Less missed days at school due to illness, raised student self-esteem, and even income generation for local sewing groups are among just some of the results of this project.

Similar to our Girls Need You Project, this doubles as an income generating project for the women who sew and knit the sweaters. Many women would previously search for firewood in the forest and carry the heavy load out on their back to sell for a small income. This project allows for our schools to connect with local sewing groups to order custom-designed sweaters for their individual uniform needs. 

The sweaters cost $7.00 for a small, $9.50 for a medium, and $11.00 for a large. Thank you for supporting this project! 


Students with their new sweaters

Students with their new sweaters

Students with their new sweaters

Students with their new sweaters

This student is proudly showing off her new sweater

Beatrice Limo, local manager of the income generation sweater project, with students who will be fitted for a new sweater

Beatrice showing a very well-used sweater that needed to be replaced

One of the sewing group members displaying some of their sewing equipment 

Quick Facts

Cost: $20,000
start date: Ongoing 
Project Manager: Julie Stegmaier

Major Donors

Jason and Jodi Welikoklad

Partner Donors

Ron and Nicole Sydenham
Christmas Gift Catalogue Donors