In Progress : TANZANIA, Umoja Primary School – 4 Additional Classrooms

About the Project

The Umoja Primary School  was started in 2003 and now has 625 students (273 Girls and 283 Boys) and 10 teachers.  It is in the Korogwe Rural District and serves a population in the community of about 2780 people. The school is about 1 Km from the highway of Arusha to Dar es Salaam.  It was build by the community and received it’s registration from the  government, who then added 2 more classrooms.

There are currently a total of 6 classrooms to accocomdate the 625 students which translates to an average of 104 students per class. Overcrowding has been a huge problem for a number of years.  4 additional classrooms will help ease the burden of overcrowing for both the students and teachers.  


The current classrooms

Quick Facts

Cost: $52,100
Location: Korogwe Rural District, Tanzania
Start Date: January 2022
Project Manager: Rama Kaoneka

Major Donors

Cathy Roozen

Partner Donors