In Progress : UBUMWE COMMUNITY CENTRE – Physiotherapy & CBR Support Phase 2

About the Project

This Physiotherapy & CBR Support Phase 2 project is for the Ubumwe Community Center in Gisenyi, Rwanda. The staff are currently using a school classroom, so our goal is to build a separate center for physiotherapy assessment and treatment. In addition, investing in this project will help provide:
A) a small permanent clinic structure at one of the CBR community meeting locations,
B) salary for an additional physiotherapist for a commitment of 2 years,
C) required physiotherapy equipment for the main UCC clinic and the new off-site clinic to be constructed.


Providing rehabilitation services for children with disabilities
Floor plan of construction for a CBR program facility
Using a school classroom for physiotherapeutic procedures
Photograph of the UCC building

Quick Facts

Cost: $67,000
Location: Gisenyi, Rwanda
Start Date: March 2023
Project Manager: Scott Sankey

Major Donors

Roger and Mona Walls

Partner Donors