About the Project

One of the World Health Organization’s goals is to improve sanitation as a means of reducing illness, increasing school attendance  especially girls), and educating children about the importance of good sanitation. We believe that these principles must first be introduced  t the school level. With competing priorities for classrooms, text books, and desks, toilets and sanitation are often the last  things that are considered in a school development project. Chekelei Primary School currently has 496 students – 264 boys and 232 girls. There are also 10 teaching staff, 1 male and 9 female. Because of the large numbers of students, there is not an adequate number of  toilet facilities at the school.
Access to adequate sanitation services has proven to be one of the most efficient ways of improving overall health. Other benefits of proper sanitation facilities include improved safety, well-being, privacy, productivity and dignity, which can lead to improved performance in their studies.


Walls have gone up

Walls have gone up

Students at Chekelei Primary

Quick Facts

Cost: $15,373
Raised to date: $15,373
Location:  Chekelei, Tanzania
Start Date: November 2020
Project Manager: Eric Rajah

Major Donors

Cathy Roozen