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Isokon Primary School is a somewhat remote but large school in the Maasai Mara region. With more than 600 students enrolled, and another 200 in early childhood development (ECD), Isokon was full well beyond its infrastructure’s capacity when ABW first made contact. It is registered with the government and operated by a public school board, but with insufficient support. Most of the existing classrooms had fallen into disrepair and were overcrowded. The parents’ council had piped water to the site, but the school was desperately short of safe classroom space and toilets. Boys and girls were staying in makeshift dormitories in old classrooms, and the school needed a kitchen, office space, and teacher housing.


There are eight existing classrooms, some of which are decades old.

Classrooms are very full, with many in poor repair.

The existing kitchen is tiny and smoky

There are few toilets, and some, like these are condemned.

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