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Though Manda Maweni is located on the mainland of Kenya, the easiest way for visitors to reach it is by water.  From Manda Airport in Lamu, you can take a 30 minute ride on the Indian Ocean in a water taxi powered by a 15 hp outboard motor, bringing you to a small village of 600-800 people living in simple thatch-roofed homes made from coral rock plastered with mud. If you were to walk fifteen minutes further through dense bush land, you would find the Manda Maweni Primary School. It began as a nursery school in 2011 and now offers classes from Kindergarten to Grade 3 for about 100 students. The hope of the Manda Maweni Primary School and community is that they will be able to add one grade each year to the school up to Grade 8 (which marks the end of primary school in Kenya), thus providing a basic education for all the children in the community. The school currently has three teachers, but only one who is paid by the government. This community recognizes that education is the key to a better life for their children and they are willing to do all that they can to see that this happens. Through your support, you could have a major influence in this community’s development and provide a dignified and conducive learning environment for the children of Manda Maweni Primary for many years to come.

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Manda Maweni community gathered outside of a new classroom building.

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