Completed : MANDA MAWENI – Water Supply

About the Project

The Manda Maweni community has never had access to clean water, so the school and community have been paying for water to be trucked in. Fresh water is available across the strait in neighbouring Shela, on Lamu Island. This project funded a well in Shela that now benefits a school there, and adds an underwater pipeline to Manda Maweni Primary School. Water is pumped into a tank where community members can collect it.

This project is supported by the Zelma Kay Memorial Fund.


The children are happy to have clean water at the school.

The local people now benefit from the accomplished water project.

The new water well is now in use.

The community transformed: clean water brings prosperity and hope for a brighter future.

Water is scarce in Manda Maweni.

Quick Facts

Cost: $21,000
Location: Maweni Island, Kenya
Completion Date: December 2023
Project Manager: Atwaa Salim

Major Donors

Warren Kay

Partner Donors

Zelma Kay Memorial Fund
Neil and Vera Tomalty