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Wangatabuthi Comprehensive School (formerly Wangatabuthi Primary School) is a new site for ABW that is located near Rurii Town, in Nyandarua County of Kenya. It has 323 students registered, including 45 in Early Childhood Development (ECD). Started in 2011 with four mud classrooms and two mud toilets, the school now has mud buildings for every grade, and one stone structure onsite. Since the current classrooms are in poor condition, new buildings are the top priority. The teacher population is quite high (15 TSC teachers for primary) and the KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) scores are around 270.


Kids are studying in extremely hot and compact mud classrooms.

The kitchen is in poor condition as well.

The mud buildings are small and dark.

The school yard with some of the existing classrooms.

The KCPE performance for the last six years.

The condition of the staffroom is also impairing the teaching environment.

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